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February :)

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February is coming

There are many things in January have to put down.

There must be something new in this month.

Exam is coming soon on 4th March.Have to study smart 🙂

Best wishes in this month ^^

Be happy always ❤

Chinese New Year Was Coming!!

ImageChinese New Year is coming soon.

In year 2013,Chinese New Year fall on February 10.Every year my family and I will go back to our home town at Kedah. We need to sit almost 4 hour car to reach there.

I like Chinese New Year very much. Every year when I am back,I like to play with my cousin. I am to excited to saw them soon. After back from home town,I will go to visit my friends. Every year I will have many Ang Pao and the money that I got,I will keep it into my bank. After Chinese New Year is my friend’s birthday. We are going to celebrate with him soon. I hope all the best in my 2013 and in my SPM life. All I hope will success after today.

I hope you all enjoy my blog. I will update when I am free soon. Bye 🙂

About Me

Hi,I am Hoo See Yue. I was born on 2/3/1996. I live in a small world named Malaysia. Malaysia is a good place to live.

In 2013,I was 17 years old. This year is a big year for me. It also a last year in my school life. SPM is my target of this year. Besides that, I have a warm family. My parent very love me and I have a playful brother.My dad work as a handy man. My mother work as a taylor and my brother study on Hotel Management.

My life was full of colours. I have a lot of friend at my side. My best friend is Choo Sook Yee. She sit beside me in our class. We often have the same target to study Early Childhood Education after we graduated from our secondary school. She was a kind girl that always at my side when I was sad. I felt so have to know her since I was form 1.

After school,I went to my tuition center to learn more knowledge. I have a lot of super active friend at there. Everyday when I go to tuition,it was a fun moment that I never wanted to be end. There arte many laughter in that class in that tuition center.

I am so happy that I have a lovely families and a lot of friend giving me love. We are happy to know each other. Thank you, for giving me such a peace world and live in Love.

2013 new year sparkler